Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pezua Name Origin

Pezua as a name has been traced to its origins from Peru and Mexico. In its spelling, the name has five letters, three vowels and two consonants. Pezua is mostly used as a surname and rarely have records been obtained of it being used as a first name in about four countries. (

Zodiac Analysis of the Personality of Pezua

Persons named Pezua tend to be very emotional and sentimental people. These people are big fans of love! They have a great inner need to have the people and things they love most to stay close to them.

Love is the center of their existence and thus in the quest to build a stable life for themselves, it only always works when it is designed around the things that mean the most to them. Finding happiness in the life they have built is what makes Pezua a stable being.

However, do to their great need to find love and happiness, Pezua can sometimes have their priorities skewed. They may get so consumed in chasing the two aspects of life that they forget to first build something for themselves. Pezua needs to understand that sometimes love and happiness is right next to them, all they need to do is settle down and they’ll find it!

Pezua is sometimes lost between starting a family and building a home or following their passions. The two are felt with the same intensity and their pull can be very confusing for Pezua. They take commitment very seriously.

Logic rarely wins when battling against love in the life of Pezua. Their hearts are big and generous; this makes them sensitive to their desires. This trait needs to be managed since it can lead to really undesirable situations. This gives them radically cyclonic characteristics who are difficult to figure out because they evolve at par with their emotions.